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annual ROI
  • Deposit €10 - €5000
  • Interests 0.80% daily
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Annual ROI 292.0%
  • Principal back
  • Withdraw 24/7
  • 15% affiliate rewards
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deposit from

annual ROI
  • Deposit €100 - €10000
  • Interests 1.20% daily
  • Duration: 90 days
  • Annual ROI 438.0%
  • Principal back
  • Withdraw 24/7
  • 15% affiliate rewards
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deposit from

annual ROI
  • Deposit €1000 - €25000
  • Interests 1.60% daily
  • Duration: 365 days
  • Annual ROI 584.0%
  • Principal back
  • Withdraw 24/7
  • 15% affiliate rewards
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deposit from

annual ROI
  • Deposit €5000 - €50000
  • Interests 2.00% daily
  • Duration: lifetime
  • Annual ROI 730.0%
  • Principal back
  • Withdraw 24/7
  • 15% affiliate rewards
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Basic Terms

Account Type

There are three Account types:
- TRIAL (default after registration)
- STANDARD (after making first deposit using own external funds)
- PARTNER (for investors with total deposits in amount €250,000 and above)
The Account type detected by our system instantly.
Every 3 months Clients with PARTNER Account type will be invited to our London office Quarterly meeting on the expense of our Company.


We offer next investment plans:
- Monthly Investment Plan - 0.80% daily (292.0% per year) for deposits €10 - €5000;
- Quarterly Investment Plan - 1.20% daily (438.0% per year) for deposits €100 - €10000;
- Yearly Investment Plan - 1.60% daily (584.0% per year) for deposits €1000 - €25000;
- Lifetime Investment Plan - 2.00% daily (730.0% per year) for deposits €5000 - €50000.

Interest for the deposit accrued at Account balance every 24 hours.
Client can open several deposits in different Investment Plans in the same time.
Investment earnings can be withdrawn in any time 24/7 once it accrued at Account balance on basic conditions.

Initial (principal) deposit amount will be returned back to Account balance after ending of investment period.
Client can withdraw initial (principa)l deposit back by closing investment ahead of schedule after:
- 60 calendar days for Quarterly Investment Plan
- 90 calendar days for Yearly Investment Plan
- 180 calendar days for Lifetime Investment Plan
Initial (principal) deposit can be withdrawn in any tie 24/7 once it accrued at Account balance on basic conditions.
After closing such investment, Cliet stop get investment earnings on it.


Clients can withdraw funds from Account balance in any time 24/7 right after interest, affiliate commissions and bonuses are accrued on Account balance.
Withrawal request processing time is 24 hours (next business day for withdrawals using Debit/Credit Card and Bank wire transfers).

Withdrawal Fees
10% (minimum €3.50) for TRIAL Accounts
1% (minimum €0.01) for STANDARD Accounts
free of charge for PARTNER Accounts

Minimum Amount to Withdraw
€25.00 for TRIAL Accounts
€0.10 for STANDARD and PARTNER Accounts
Minimum amount for withdraw using Bank wire transfer for all Account types is €500.00.


As payment methods we accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Debit/Credit Card, Bank wire (SWIFT/SEPA) transfers (for amounts €500.00 and above) and next crypto currencies:
Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC).

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is a scheme that gives our Clients an opportunity to earn more when invite someone to our portal, and a person signs up, creates an account, and whenever he/she invests, Referrer get a commission.

We offer 15% from all your referrals' deposits.
Referral commissions will be added to Account balance instantly and will be available to withdraw immediately.

Special Offer (Bonus Program)

We offer special €15.00 Welcome Bonus for all our new clients for signing up.
This bonus can be invested or withdrawn on basic conditions.
From time to time we provide special offers and bonuses for our investors in promotion purposes.

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