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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to register at our site you need to click 'Signup' at the main page of the web-site After pointing your e-mail while registering you will get a password for logging into your account.
All new accounts will be activated instantly after first login.
The Account type is the special conditions, that depends from the investment activity such client.
There are three Account types:
- TRIAL (default after registration)
- STANDARD (after making first deposit using own external funds)
- PARTNER (for investors with total deposits in amount €250,000 and above)
The Account type detected by our system instantly.
We offer special individual investment conditions for Clients with PARTNER Account type.
Every 3 months Clients with PARTNER Account type will be invited to our London office Quarterly meeting.
Our Company will carry out all transport, accomodation, meal and protocol expenses for our invited Clients and will give UK visa support (if necessary).
Unfortunately, no - we allow only one account per one person.
At the Account login page, you can select 'Lost password' link, and your access details will be restored.
After logging into your account, you get access to all the statistical data of your investments, you can analyze profitability, monitor investment period, track the results of operations every day.
All this information is available 24/7/365.
We strongly recommend keeping your account data in a safe place. You had better not to use suspicious links to avoid phishing sites. Accidental or intentional distribution of your account data gives a huge risk of theft of both your data and your funds.
After transaction confirmation, the deposit is credited to your account instantly, and you can track your funds movement in your personal account. If you come across incorrect enrolment, please contact our support team and our staff will be glad to assist you.
No, this is not possible. You can only withdraw funds from your Account balance.
No, this is not possible, as it significantly reduces your account security. Please use 'Deposit Funds' section in order to make a deposit at our site.
Certainly, initial deposit is returned to you right when investment period is over. That means that your total income will consist of daily interest paid throughout the entire period and, in addition, you can withdraw your initial deposit with all earnings.
To make a investment you must first become a member of Stellar Invest. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit.
All deposits must be made through the Client Area. You can login using the member login and password you receive when signup.
Just now as payment processor we accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bank wire transfer, Debit/Credit Card and crypto currencies:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM) and Litecoin (LTC).
The mimimum amount for deposit: is €10 in Monthly Investment Plan.
The maximum amount for deposit is €50,000 in Lifetime Investment Plan.
EURO (€) is accepted as payment currency at our company. Thus, you deposits and earnings are placed in this currency.
Your account will be updated instantly as fast, as you deposit.
Interest for your deposit to your Account balance accrued every 24 hours. We propose the next investment plans:
- Monthly Investment Plan - 0.80% daily for 30 days (annual ROI 292.0%) for deposits €10 - €5000
- Quarterly Investment Plan - 1.20% daily for 90 days (annual ROI 438.0%) for deposits €100 - €10000
- Yearly Investment Plan - 1.60% daily for 365 days (annual ROI 584.0%) for deposits €1000 - €25000
- Lifetime Investment Plan - 2.00% daily for lifetime (annual ROI 730.0%) for deposits €5000 - €50000
You can choose the type of your investment plan when making a deposit.
Yes, you can. All deposits are handled separately.
Interest is accrued daily, every 24 hours, after daily profitability generation.
You can withdraw accrued profit daily, right after interest is accrued on your Account balance.
Yes, you can deposit funds using one payment processor and request payment to another payment processor.
You can withdraw your earnings at the “Withdraw Funds” section in your Client Area in any time 24/7.
Withdrawal Fees:
10% (minimum €3.50) for TRIAL Accounts
1% (minimum €0.01) for STANDARD Accounts
free of charge for PARTNER Accounts
There are no any other fees for withdraw funds.
Minimum Amount to Withdraw:
€25.00 for TRIAL Accounts
€0.10 for STANDARD and PARTNER Accounts
Minimum amount for withdraw using Bank wire transfer for all Account types is €500.00.
There are no any other limits and restrictions for withdraw funds.
Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours. This is to prevent fraud.
The withdrawal request via Bank wire and Debit/Credit Card will be processed on the next business day.
You can withdraw your principal deposit back after ending of the investment period for each deposit and ahead of schedule after:
- 60 calendar days for Quarterly Investment Plan
- 90 calendar days for Yearly Investment Plan
- 180 calendar days for Lifetime Investment Plan
When you would like to withdraw your principal ahead of schedule, you should close your Investment Plan at your Client Area.
In this case you will stop getting earnings, your principal will be added to your Account balance and you will be able to withdraw it.
Yes, we offer €15 special Welcome bonus just for opening an account.
Client will got €15 special Welcome bonus just for opening an account. This bonus will be added instantly to Account balance and client will be able to invest it once or withdraw on basic conditions.
Affiliate program is a scheme that gives you an opportunity to earn more when you invite someone to our portal, and a person signs up, creates an account, and whenever he/she invests, you get a commission.
You will earn 15% from all your referrals' deposits.
No, it is not obligatory to make a deposit at our site for participation in referral program. You can promote your referral link and earn only on referrals that you attract.
By clicking on “Affiliate Program” tab in your account, you can find your referral link. Use it to promote the project and receive referral income.
Referral commissions are calculated automatically and are immediately reflected in your account, at 'Affiliate Program' section.
Referral commissions are immediately credited to your Account balance, so you can withdraw accrued funds at any time on basic conditions.
There are no restrictions on the accrual and referral commissions payment at Stellar Invest. All referral commissions will be calculated and paid exclusively depending on the deposits made by your referrals.

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